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Inviting by id is a way to add people to your community and Telegram groups of competitors or those where there is a target audience of your community.

The difference between inviting by ID and inviting by username is that almost no one does this, and accordingly, a large chunk of your audience is in competitor groups and cannot be poured into your Telegram community. This is an active target audience that is not overwhelmed by invites to other groups and therefore is of particular value for Community Administrators. Inviting is great for developing not only chats, but also channels, which we will discuss below.

How to invite by ID to Telegram?

Inviting by id occurs by adding a user who does not have a username to contacts, and then inviting itself from contacts to the community. Doing it by hand is very long and inconvenient, but with the help of inviting programs, it is quite easy and fast. You can take several groups of competitors in Telegram and transfer their active audience by ID to your community. You can choose the activity when inviting by ID. For example, invite only those who have been online for the last 7 days, which makes the group more active, since accounts that have been dead or logged into Telegram for a long time are ignored.

Inviting to the Telegram group.

This is a great way to grow your target audience in the community. If you do it without overstepping the Telegram limits, then there will be no sanctions for this and the group will constantly develop and bring profit to its owner. The permissible number of invites per day can be safely called 50 with a group size of up to 10,000 people and normal activity. If the group is larger or the target audience is very thematically suited to your Telegram group, then more is possible. On average, an invite by ID is 1500-2000 additions to the chat in 1 month.

Price of inviting by id?

The cost of inviting by ID is no different from the price of invites by username or phone numbers. It's cheaper than adding bots to chat. Live people are more profitable, as they make purchases and other actions, communicate, create activity and increase online chatting. When ordering inviting to telegrams by ID, you need to choose an artist very carefully, we recommend that you refer to

Inviting by ID: $ 10 for 500 live people in your group!

You can calculate a month to promote your community and understand that the development of the group and the daily increase in the size of the community will cost you the price of one cup of coffee, which today makes inviting by ID, the most attractive way to develop groups.

For those who do not have their own groups, but have channels - inviting by ID is an excellent development option.

The algorithm for inviting to the channel is as follows: 100 groups are created, the ability to write in them for all participants is closed, the name is selected thematically close to your channel, donor groups are selected where yours can be 50 people are added, they see the channel's advertisement, if the audience is selected competently, it means that they are interested or loyal to your topic, clicks on the link and goes to the channel. For a day, you can add, for example, to 100 groups of 50 people each, this is 5000 live people who will see your ad, and already the percentage of subscribers in the channel will depend on your advertising post and the content of the channel, which should interest the target audience!

Order inviting by ID!

Drawing a conclusion, we can safely say that you need to order an invite by id to all Administrators who want to develop their communities for little money, quickly and safely. Use inviting services and develop your Telegram communities!

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