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Our company sells thermal insulation, vapor barrier, noise insulation of the brands Aluf (penofol, izolon), Terafom, Folar, Alyukholst PET, Polifom, Penolon, Armaflex, Synthetic rubber, Mounting tapes, Soundproof tapes. Delivery of materials to all regions of Ukraine.

Terafom is a fundamentally new word in sound insulation. It is an excellent competitor to existing materials, but it also changes the quality of industrial and housing and communal construction, while simultaneously improving the conduct of noise and sound insulation works.

The use of the Terafoma complex material, which combines heat, hydro, noise and sound insulation and created on the basis of chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam, is the best choice for eliminating impact noise and insulating structure-borne noise, i.e. solving problems that determine the acoustic comfort of rooms and buildings.

A characteristic feature of Terafoma, in addition to the use of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam with a cross-linked network molecular structure, is the presence of a protective layer of polyethylene 50 microns thick, which makes this material practically vapor-tight and low-hygroscopic, with a very low percentage of water absorption of less than 1% (by volume).

Terafom is hygienically clean, stably elastic, closed-cell at a low density of 30 to 90 kg / m3, good heat insulator and sound protection against shock transmission of sound, which is highly resistant to weathering, including UV radiation, does not lose flexibility and elasticity at - 60oС, withstands a long exposure time of + 125oС.

In addition, it is non-flammable material, decomposes into carbon dioxide and water, does not form toxic substances, has good microbiological, oil, oil and gasoline resistance.

The effectiveness of the material Terafom.

The conducted research of the material included such items as: costs; accounting for the period of operation in building structures; the degree of stability of his working qualities.

A detailed study of all these indicators proved that the use of Terafom as thermal insulation and sound insulation is more profitable both from the side of the economy and from the side of the working properties of the material. In the "floating floor" construction, Terafom is an excellent soundproofing material and significantly improves the operating parameters of the structure, in contrast to classical soundproofing options, and significantly reduces the thickness of the "pie" of the interfloor overlap and thereby increases the usable area several times.

Terafom is a highly elastic material and effective shock-sound insulation and serves as a heat- and sound-insulating underlay for parquet and various floor coverings, sealing joints, doors, windows against dust, noise, moisture, coating material for concrete hardening. Studies have shown its ability to reduce the transmission of sound vibrations, primarily of structural origin, through the enclosing structures in which it is used.

Material technical description:

is an environmentally friendly material characterized by stable elastic properties. It exhibits excellent sound insulation properties and provides excellent noise protection.

- characterized by excellent microbiological, oil and oil resistance.

- when carrying out construction work, it is possible to combine the teraphoma with almost all types of building materials.

- a material that is not afraid of water and does not absorb it, which helps to avoid the accumulation of water on the outer layer of the material. This property is the most important quality, especially for works on the isolation of communications.

- protects steel pipes from corrosion.

Such qualities in soundproofing materials are very rare, therefore Terafom is the most profitable and perfect soundproofing and soundproofing means in modern construction.

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