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Sweeteners "SWEETEST" manufacturer

Complex sweeteners "SWEETEST" for food

Sweeteners "SWEETEST" — substances used to impart a sweet taste.

Sweeteners "SWEETEST" hundreds of times sweeter than sugar.

Sweeteners "SWEETEST" are low-calorie, podslastiteli

The degree of sweetness of 100 to 450!!!

Sweeteners "SWEETEST" are used for diabetic food does not cause tooth decay.

In its pure form is a white crystalline powder, soluble in water

solutions (up to 700 g/l), stable, including during the high temperature processing of products.

Sweeteners "SWEETEST" very stable under freezing or heating, keeps the sweetness

in the presence of acids suitable for almost all types of frying and cooking products.

Therefore, use Sweeteners "SWEETEST" primarily in the preparation of soft

beverages, bakery products, jams, canning fruit, for cooking

sauces and desserts, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, in the manufacture of chewing gum.

If you need to sweeten — compliance with the taste of sugar,

important the maximum theoretical margin of safety — choose "SWEETEST"!


Sending samples and finished goods on the territory of Ukraine-for FREE!

Available :1-5-10-25 kg.

Sugar substitute,sugar substitutes,sweeteners,

Samnite cukru,sacrosante,pasalagua


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